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How to burn the oil ?
1. In the picture on the left is a small bio-diesel processor that converts your pressed oil into 100% bio diesel with a process called "transesterification" using lye and methanol.  Benefits:  You can burn bio diesel in most all diesel engines with no modifications and if you get certified you can receive a tax credit from the federal government.
2.  Pre-heat the vegetable oil to 160 to 180 degrees with a two tank system.  Start the engine on diesel fuel and when it's warm switch to 100% vegetable oil and switch back to diesel fuel for the next restart.  Benefits: you are burning 100% vegetable oil with glycerin in.
3.  Dilution method is taking vegetable oil and diluting with gasoline and diesel fuel to achieve viscosity of diesel fuel for cleaner burning.  This is a warm weather fuel only.  
4.  If you are burning sunflower oil only you can go to www.oilcrusher.5u.com  
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